Why Brainlesswear?

“I love shopping for underwear” - said no man ever.
Yeah. It’s like pulling teeth.
Finding the one you like is the first problem:
The one that is not too long. Not too short.
Not too thick. The one that doesn’t bunch up.
Doesn’t roll up. The one that breathes. 
That doesn't lose the stretch.
I’m annoyed already. 
But then there's the second problem: 
Because life is ironic, the underwear you like 
is harder to find than hand sanitizers during the coronavirus epidemic.
Which makes you buy a different one every time.
Soon enough your drawer is filled with underwear you hate,
but you use them anyways because you bought them already.
The few you actually like, you end up using it to the limit. Beating it to the ground.
I’m talking faded fabric, holes and stretched out waist bands.
Which leads us to the third problem: Partner.
No partner likes to see you in your sad old underwear.
No surprise there.
Truth is: Life is way too short to think about underwear.
Wouldn’t it be great if all your underwear were new, nice and exactly the same?
It would. That’s why I started Brainlesswear. 
An underwear subscription for people who have more important stuff to do with their life.

The product

Boxer briefs are the way to go.
Thin, 4-way stretch, soft and breathable.
Black. Obviously.
Our product is manufactured by the same factory of a famous underwear brand 
that I can’t say the name but it rhymes with Einstein.
Our design is not for everyone. Some people have weird preferences.
We only have one model, and it’s great. 
If you don’t like it, sorry. Maybe you should try a little longer and perhaps you’ll get over it.

The brand

Brainlesswear. Underwear you don’t have to think about it.
A great product, a convenient model and an honest price.